Every women is beautiful and good enough just the way she is right now. I want to show any woman that! I will be showcasing 21 real women just like you and I, all shapes and sizes on my social media.  If you don't like what you see when you look in the mirror and think you are simply not photogenic, you have to loose 5 kg. and are too old and actually only the kids should be in photos and not you, well then you are the one I am looking for! 

I want to help you to see what those who love you see when they look at you.  I want you to have photographs that are a permanent reminder of just how gorgeous you really are.  I want your children and grandchildren to have beautiful photographs of you when that is all they have left of you. Read the conditions below to apply for participation in the project. 


call for entries

I am opening call for new entries. Whether you are a housewife, single, manager, artist or hotshot executive you can have a day just for you, where you will star like someone who just stepped out of the cover of a magazine.  

You will be prepared ahead of time with ideas for what to wear.  Suggestions for facials, haircuts and manicure.  You will have access to my luxury studio wardrobe of more than 60 dresses and I can help you source the dress of your dreams. My professional make-up artist will get you ready to star. While you are getting pampered you can enjoy a glass of champagne and get tips to take home regarding YOUR hair and makeup. Simply just enjoying this day about you. The shoot is a fun experience where you get to pose in many different poses and outfits.  

After some weeks you will be shown the best images from the shoot and as a thank you for your print purchase you will receive a free print 13*18cm of your favourites image. 

Each woman will be featured on social media at the end of the project with their before & after transformation and a short story about them. My aim is to show that every women is beautiful and can shine and hopefully make each woman I photograph more confident and happy about herself. 

All I ask is that you pay the Hair and Make up fee of 160 Euros (two people 190 Euros)

This time around I present the women with the possibility of celebrating motherhood and being photographed with their children and mothers if they are so lucky to have her around. Many of us do not have a beautiful portrait with our own mums and I find that such images will only be more valuable over time. Please write in your application who you would love to be photographed with. 

There are limited places available. If you hurry, YOU might be gifted a model-for-a-day experience and free print with your purchase worth 180 Euros. To discover how to apply read the conditions below (scroll down). 



The “Model-for-a-day” experience in a professional studio = 450€

The free print 13*18 cm with purchase = 180€  

The woman`s self-confidence & the unique memory = Priceless





1. Visit my official fb page, like it and find the call for participants

2. Tag in the comments (under the call-for-participants) a woman you believe deserves a “model-for-a-day” experience and explain why. This can be YOU!

3. If selected you will get a phone call to set a date and get your ready for the shoot.





“Gosh I never knew I could look this way and with Charlotte the day was a party. I love the compliments that everyone is giving me. ” – Linda

“My daughter is leaving for university, I wanted to have a day with her and I cried when I saw the photos. I have never seen a wall with me and my daughter and it was really emotional. The photos mean so much to us" - Camilla

"It was the most transboundary experience, participating in a professional photoshoot with hair, makeup, clothes, lighting and of course a fantastic photographer, Charlotte guided me through an intense session with a firm hand and steady camera. She made me feel relaxed in a safe environment and actually ending up liking it :-) ...the result really blow me away! It was better than I dreamt about. I absolutely recommend making a shoot with Charlotte, it will transform you!” – Ann Charlotte

I had a wonderful experience with my glamour shoot. Charlotte is a very good photographer and she brings out the best in every model. This was such a positive experience and I will treasure my photos for many years to come. – LiseLotte

Charlotte is a fantastic photographer who brings her perfect sense of style and elegance to her photos.
I was surprised to feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole experience. Charlotte’s advice before and during the photo session gave me confidence. The results are more amazing than I could ever have imagined!! – Maiju

“I noticed a change in the way that I see myself. It took a few days for me to even notice it! But these last few mornings after I've woken up and looked in the mirror, I've thought things like "looking good" and "nice skin"- small little compliments that literally just came out of nowhere! Normally when I see my face in the morning, my thoughts are related to how tired I look or how my wrinkles are so noticeable etc. I was shocked at this change! I know my face looks the same, but I truly do see myself differently ❤. Thank you😘.” – Kristen

“I loved the experience of being model for one day! Being pampered with hair and make up and feeling like a queen in beautiful clothes. Charlotte is super professional and is great at making you feel relaxed in front of her camera. At start you feel a bit uncomfortable (unless you're a model for sure!) but very soon I felt like a professional thanks to Charlotte's instructions on how to move and smile! The result is that I have now a collection of great pictures which I will treasure forever! An experience everybody should have! First time, definitely not last time!.” – Magali

“I’ll admit I was dreading the experience, I hate having my photo taken. Charlotte however made me feel so at ease and comfortable that the shoot flew by. The result were beyond what I could have imagined.....had I known this is what I look like I’d have my picture taken all the time �. Thanks you Charlotte! ” – Theresa

Charlotte Starup Photographer


Award winning photographer, Danish wife and mother of three wonderful boys and lover of luxury, design and beauty. Charlotte has been educated, inspired by and personally mentored by world renowned, award winning photographers, Tamara Lackey, Sue Bryce, Emily London Miller and Heike Delmore.


" That moment when my clients come to my studio for the photo-revealing day and leave with their chin up, and lips smiled, is the reason I love my job. "  -  Charlotte  Starup -