Photographing Children matters and creates self-esteem in kids.

In a very interesting article about confidence in children (1) Psychologists Mary S. Ammerman1, and Jerry L. Fryrear, agreed that portraits in the home provide a solid fundament to children about their sense of belonging, in turn providing them reassurance and comfort. They mentioned how much professional portraits on top of making powerful statement in your home as part of your home decor, also shows the unity of a child’s family. One suggestion was to place a few photographs of your child’s friends, with a special relative, or their basketball team in their bedroom — so they are the last things they see at night and the first things they wake up to in the morning, reaffirming the people in their lives who love them and support their childhood.

Its important to start early for any child and it can be difficult to catch the very little ones and play their game and still capture the happy smiles sharply and in good light. Any child will love to have such keep sakes when they grow up.  This is where an experienced photographer comes into play.