Guest blogger Zuzana Zahin

….Charlotte Starup it is…..

Zuzana Zahin Family photo shoot

Anyone who moved with a family and kids several times knows how challenging it can be to settle down in a new place. House, schools, doctors (hairdresser😊 ) usually have the priority so when shortly after our latest move I decided to organise a photo shooting with our kids as a birthday present for my husband I had no idea where to turn to. Sure, Google search is always a good start but algorithm can´t tell me, just yet (!) if the number one ranking photographer will be patient enough and capable to motivate four kids to look into the camera and that at the same time!

Well, I decided to give the ranking a go however I must admit my strong bias toward the Danish origin of the owner of Charlotte Starup. Our family spent some time in Denmark prior to moving to Germany, where we met great people who became our long-term friends.

As a mother of four I don´t have the space to make phone calls during the day so I sent a contact form with my preferred dates in the middle of the night and expected I´d have to follow it up in the morning. Surprisingly, for Munich standards Charlotte called me the next day and we agreed on a suitable slot for both. She didn´t only advise me on stylish issues such as what to wear – colour-wise, make up etc. but I loved the fact that she took time and discussed the personality types of our kids, their hobbies and interests. A perfect move, Charlotte 😊!

When the big day came, things, as would be expected, didn´t work as planned…the boys were tired and definitely not in the mood to pose for a camera, my teenage daughter got home last minute and had no time for preparation…so we ended up entering Charlotte´s studio with sleeping twins, a spiritless 2nd grader and a rather annoyed teenager. Not a good start☹.

Charlotte didn´t seem to notice and started to chat with all the kids in a mixture of English and German. The shooting kicked off slowly but naturally. At one stage the twins even watched their favourite series while Charlotte tried to capture their faces.

Yes, it was hard work but also great fun and the end product is more than I expected! After the shooting I realised how demanding it is to be a photographer (especially if kids are involved) – you must be a hobby psychologist, a stylist, a technician and a motivational educator with inspiring vibes.  If you live close to Munich and need a dedicated professional, caring and customer-oriented photographer,  Charlotte Starup  it is.

Written by Zuzana Sahin, 22/10/18