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Vanity Fair Style

“Champagne Party”

Every day should be a champagne party at my studio where you come with your best girlfriends and laugh and tell wonderful stories and make beautiful portraits and tell each other you are wonderful. Its Sisterhood day everyday! 

XX. XX. 2018 at 19:00, Haupstrasse 19A, Starnberg




It`s been already 1 year from when I opened my portrait studio in the heart of Starnberg.  Since then I`ve photographed hundreds of beautiful women of all ages. I would like to celebrate with all of you the womanhood, femininity and the power of elegance. I invite you to enjoy a glass of champagne and simply have a great time with other women who has been photographed in my studio. You can shop for wonderful dresses and accessories in the XXXX shop directly connected to my studio, once you've found a perfect outfit, you can sit back and relax while MUA  XXXXXX XXXX pampers you with a mini makeup application. We will also have a Botox and Hydraulic Acid expert XXXXX from the XXXXX clinic as a special guest. This event is free to attend, the only catch is you must bring TWO of your bffs and confirm your participation. 

There is a limite of 30 participants for this edition, so don`t lose you chance to be one of the ladies parting with me. 




Because the whole evening is meant to be all about spoiling ourselves, I decided to make a Tombola, and one of my guests will bring home a print art of hers she hasn`t bought yet.