I am Charlotte Starup – Portrait Photographer.

I am a Danish wife and mother of three wonderful teenage boys and a big lover of luxury, design and beauty.

My professional passion is making all the people I photograph love themselves and be empowered by their own images exactly as they are today.  It thrills me when my clients look at themselves in the best light and from flattering angles that make them shed tears of joy and excitement!  My satisfaction in my job comes when I genuinely have empowered people by their own which they might not have seen before or at least not for a long time. I want to make the days of feeling "no value for self" fewer for my clients. In turn give them more self confidence.  

Having experience being in front of the camera, I know how vulnerable and uncertain one can feel when told to pose. During our sessions I'll carefully guide you through every little step, while encouraging you at the same time. I have a gift for seeing beauty and bringing out facial expressions and contemporary body poses that are genuine and flattering. My goal is that each photo shoot will result in beautiful, memorable, authentic photos highlighting each individual or group personality and beauty but equally important leaving you with a great and good feeling experience. With every photo shoot, I plan and orchestrate different poses and images in my mind before you come to my studio, but will let myself be inspired by you and whats emerges during our session for the final outcome.

Would you like flattering photographs that you can treasure forever and share with everyone who loves you? 

Contact me for a free consultation.