Have a view here of my before and afters which are here only to show that every single woman is beautiful and can be a star. That is NOT just for superstars, celebs or models.  My clients are everyday women and have for the most part never been photographed professionally. They are not trained in front of the camera. I made them feel relaxed and posed them in flattering positions which brought forward their best features.  Every single person can be her or his best. It is my job to exactly bring THAT out and this is only possible when my clients are well informed about the preparation and relaxed and feeling comfortable during the shoot. This is all my job and the rest will come by itself. We all have to remember that magazines are filled with beautiful and carefully styled women with perfect hair and make up and clothes that flatter them. They do not all look like that when they step in the door.  I am here to show you, that you can be one of them and forever change the way you might think of yourself.  

Every woman deserves to have her uniqueness and beauty captured for herself and anyone who loves her. Glamour shooting is a perfect gift for a wife, daughter, sister, mom or a friend. If you contact me, we can discuss your specific personal requirements, or just visit the shop

Before & After

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