YOU are photogenic!!

Let me start by saying it firmly, YOU ARE photogenic!

Are you one of those people who tell themselves they are not photogenic, because you rarely think you look good in pictures? If so let me tell you that everyone is photogenic.

First, you need to understand what it actually means to be photogenic. By its latin definition, photogenic translates into “producing or emitting light”. What most people fail to realize is that everyone emits light, yet only some have this light captured.  In other words your physical appearance only constitutes a minor part of an image

As portrait photographer, my unique ability is reflected in my capacity to magnify what makes each and every person beautiful – In other words I am able to identify the light you emit, and magnify it.  Let me explain you a bit about how so I know that you are photogenic but you have just not been photographed by someone who knows how to.

Stuck in a "I'm not photogenic" spiral?

The problem with believing you are not photogenic is that it produces a self perpetuating spiral of bad pictures and lower self esteem. As you observe a picture in which you don’t perceive yourself as “photogenic”, you might subconsciously tell yourself that you aren’t good looking. This means, next time you step in front of a camera lens, you feel uncomfortable. This casts a shadow over the light you emit, hence limiting your photogenic appearance… again. As you can imagine, this will serve as an endless spiral in which your self esteem takes a battering. Let me show you just a few photos of ladies who thought themselves not being photogenic.


So, how can you ensure that your light shines through every image?

Now that you’ve hopefully understood that you are photogenic, why don’t we go over some topics that have the potential to significantly impact the success of a photo.



If your pictures are lit incorrectly, the resulting picture will suffer.

  • Harsh light and unflattering direction of light can make skin look really rough and make a face and body appear wider. Wrinkles, pores and un-even skin are enhanced instead of diminished. For example, unwanted shadows under the eyes create a tired and lifeless appearance.
  • A backlit photo without any reflection to the face will appear hazy and dark and maybe not even showing your face at all.
  • Correct lighting on the other hand make your best features shine and hide what you don’t want to show. It will enhance and focus on your eyes and If you’ve ever heard the quote “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” you’d understand why.


The angling of the camera will affect how the body’s proportions are displayed

  • A camera angle from below will make males appear stronger and taller but is never flattering for a female body.
  • A “down tilted” camera angle, shooting from above (or even a slightly down-angeled) can be very flattering for a lady, particularly a fuller figured one. 


Choice of lens can be fatal for the end result. Lenses are shaped like a barrel and will cause distortion if not used with care.

  • Wide angled lenses can make a person appear much wider and if taken from an unfortunate camera angle can add some weight to the subject.
  • However, a correctly angled camera with a wide angled lens will make curvy figures appear slimmer

4.     POSING

How your body is posed in the picture makes a significant difference to how slim or wide you appear. Again we are trying to highlight the features that we want to shine.  Start learning from the red carpet – those poses aren’t accidental. Celebrities have been trained to highlight their best features when in the spotlight

  • Shifting your weight to your back foot and angling your body 45 degrees to the camera will slim your body to create and hourglass figure
  • Pushing the booty back and leaning in from the waist will create a lean body line, this look absolutely amazing on camera.
  • While standing; pushing one knee in front of the other will also help to create an hour glass appearance.
  • Never slouch
  • “Chin out and down”. This is the mantra that I always try to engrain in the minds of my clients. By pushing your chin out and down you create a strong jaw line and stretches the skin so it looks firm and younger.  
  • Create triangles by positioning your hands, shoulders, arms and legs consciously in positions away from your body. By creating triangles, shaping the body into different curves and lines you can flatter any body without exception
  • Relax the shoulder and hands! A failure to do so will make a person appear tense and uncomfortable in any photo.
  • Portray your face with natural and genuine expressions. In the last decade, the “Duck face” gained a lot of popularity…but as you might have noticed it does not make for an authentic good looking portrait.
How to look good on photographs Posing 2_mini.jpg


Your choice of appearance makes a huge difference; clothes, hair and makeup. Its important that the clothes fit you and enhances your features. Large baggy clothes do nothing to enhance your body in a photograph. A perfect make up (which is included for free in my luxury portrait sessions) will give you a healthier and even appearance and emphasize your best features and in itself make you more appealing.


The x factor of being photogenic

As a professional photographer I have spent years mastering  the above mentioned technical aspects of photography (lighting, posing, lens choices etc )  However, there is the intangible aspect of connection, which either makes or breaks a portrait.  Connection that is established between a model and the photographer. This is where we capture the light and the magic takes place.

As a portrait photographer, I create the "space" where the model can relax and concentrate on my guidance, it is here you become truly photogenic!

What about your children- Celebrate your life now!

I hope that I have taken away a bit of your anxiety and actually persuaded you that YOU are photogenic. Just look how amazing all my clients looks in their photos. You are beautiful enough RIGHT NOW. One day your children will look for photographs of you and they will say “mom, why were you always behind the camera, I want photographs of you”.  Celebrate yourselfnow. Do it when you turn 20, do it when you turn 30, do it when you turn 70. Do it because you're valuable and perfect and worth it. Do it because it's an incredible experience and you will have heirloom photos to look back on and in time give on to the future generation.

By booking a session with me I promise you that we will create images together which will enhance the light that makes you unique and beautiful. So what are you waiting for?


Or persuade someone that she is photogenic by giving her a MODEL-FOR-A-DAY PHOTOSHOOT VOUCHER


With Love,

Charlotte Starup

Portrait Photographer