My Portrait Experience at Sue Bryce's Studio in Los Angeles

I first saw Sue Bryce in Creative Live where she was teaching her 28 days for photographers. Sue Bryce have since taught me everything from business to details of how to make any everyday woman looking like the women in magazines and feeling beautiful. I feel in love with this genre and was in ave when I was chosen to attend an exclusive workshop with her in the Graphi Studio castle in Maniago. It was at the end of these 5 days that Sue Bryce invited me to a private photo session with her in Los Angeles.  I learned so much from being in the presence of my mentor Sue Bryce in Los Angeles during the 8 days. Winda Kelly and I had the pleasure of sharing this amazing experience together and we got to be on stage in front of hundreds of people and in front of thousands online.  I met so so many wonderful colleagues am beyond thankful for that network. The Portrait Masters Conference hosted by Sue Bryce will be my next big event that I am super excited about.  It sets the stage for the most unique resort experiences in Palm Springs. The Portrait Masters Conference hosted by Sue Bryce is a special conference conducted by seven Master portrait photographers including Bryce, Peter Hurley, Lindsay Adler, Joel Grimes, Michele Celentano, Susan Stripling, and Kelly Brown with a closing keynote presented by legendary portrait photographer Joyce Tenneson. I will learn new things about light, shoot, pose, and work with models to create an iconic image which all my client will benefit from in the future. Below are some of the work Sue Bryce did on my portrait. I have no words for the empowerment this experience gave me! Thank you Sue and thank you Universe for letting me find my passion in life!